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Billing Information

Payment Options
Simply complete the Customer Care online form or call +353 1 296 2525 to speak with a Customer Care representative.

With prepaid and postpaid plans, Globalstar Europe Satellite Services offers pricing affordability and flexibility not only on our products and services but also with our payment options. With our online billing system, Globalstar makes it easy to create or update accounts, set up preferred payment options, easily view current and past bills, and so much more.

Credit Card payments. An automatic charge is placed on your credit card each month, please contact our Customer Care team by completing our online form or call +353 1 296 2525 to request pre-authorized payment.

When paying by credit card, you can choose to either pre-authorize a monthly credit card charge, allowing Globalstar to automatically charge your card each month for your active service plan, or you can choose to pay a one-time fee. Our Globalstar Europe Customer Care team is available 24/7 to help set up payments and to help with any billing inquiries. Simply complete the Customer Care online for or call Toll Free to speak with a representative.

Globalstar Europe Customer Care
+353 1 296 2525