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Position Location

To Determine Your Latitude and Longitude

Position Location from the Globalstar System is used to determine the geographic position of the handheld phone with an accuracy of up to 10kms*. If the phone has a software version of** or higher (to check the current software version select the "MENU" key "8","3") then you have the capability of determining Position Location of the handset.

Simply make a call, press the "MENU" key "4", "3", then press the "UPDATE" key which enables the user to view the present latitude & longitude. Pressing the "DOWN ARROW or #" key will show the accuracy of the position, and the time and date of the location information obtained.

Note: The previous Position Location information will automatically be displayed when you press the "MENU" key "4", "3" so you must have a call in process and press the "UPDATE" key for the new location information to be updated.

* Position Location uses time, angle and distance information from the satellite signals, combined with an algorithm to determine geographic position in latitude and longitude. There are many variables that will affect the accuracy such as; number of satellites serving the call, distance to the user from the satellites and position of the satellite(s) in the sky.

** Please contact your Globalstar dealer if your phone requires an upgrade to the latest software version